Health Issues Among Men

What is the biggest problem that men of our time face? Any guess?

Well, you got it wrong if you think it is cancer or cardiac infarction that is causing worries but it is something new, something called as andropause. Andropause can be defined as the male version of the female menopause. So what makes many men suffer from this ailment? Is it the age factor or is it something else that leads many issues in men’s sex health.

The very characteristic symptoms of andropause are the loss of sexual libido, hypertension, excess weight gain, sexual dysfunction and loss of muscles. Andropause, unlike the ageless male supplement review female version, doesn’t occur to every man. It occurs only with some guys. Mostly andropause is something that happens with men who have crossed their fifties or sixties, but in some weird cases, it occurs in men at thirties and forties too. Anyway, the men in late fifties and sixties are more likely to suffer from this ailment.

The age factor is one of the significant reasons that cause the problems with andropause. So, what happens as men grow old? As men age, they, come to a state called as impotence. Impotence or erectile dysfunction is characterized by the problem of difficulty in maintaining an erection that helps him attain the pleasures of sexuality. Another issue that men may come across as they age is the loss of libido. Ageing leads them to a state in which they are no longer capable of drawing pleasure out of sexual thoughts and fantasies as they used to do when they were in their teens.

What if you are facing the above problems at a tender age?

Sometimes men may come across the above problems at their early forties and late thirties. The cause that leads to this question is nothing but an unhealthy life style. Unhealthy or sedentary life style can cause you many problems. Obesity is one such reason that may lead to an early andropause. Excess alcohol consumption and smoking habits can also drive you into the same. How can you get yourself off from the ailments of andropause?

There are many products out in the market that can save you. Many nutrient supplements and health drugs are available in the market that can help you restore your health. His lifestyle so influences Men’s sex health, so live good to enjoy life.

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