New Vitality Ageless Male Side Effects

In this article, I am going to cover new vitality ageless male side effects in particular and testosterone supplement side effects in general.

First, let’s dig deep into what is ageless male? Is it a beauty product? Anti-Aging sort of thing??. Certainly not!!! It is purely a testosterone booster.

There are lots of reviews about ageless male side effects, but none cover a detailed analysis of what it is actually.

First, let’s know about testosterone and its side effects :

As you all know testosterone present in every male, testosterone is responsible for growing male sexual organs and as Ageless Male says it also useful for the growth of muscles. In recent years most of the men concentrated on testosterone therapy to grow their muscle and sexual power. It is not wrong in taking medicine, but there are lots of unprescribed medications and therapists available in the market, and FDA does not approve most of them.

To mention Ageless male is not approved by FDA. These testosterone supplement manufacturers spend a lot of money on advertisement to lure youth’s to buy these supplements. Without knowing the side effects of these medications, most of the male end up falling for these crap.
Referring a survey did by some NGO’s, this unapproved testosterone booster produced lots of health issues. After a couple of years of using it 75% of the people reporting health problems, and the worst thing is some boosters are addictive in nature. Once you started using it while going to the gym, it is nearly hard to quit that habit, and you will be mentally forced to take it before going to the gym, if not you will feel some sadness / drowsiness in you. The Even worst thing is not only men getting affected by ageless male side effects, women and children also got affected. There are products which explicitly mentions their side effects of their products, some companies like ageless male hide these side effects. You don’t believe many people got affected by unapproved companies file lawsuits against them. Still, these companies manage to run their show. Most of the male enhancement companies are based out of United States as they ship products mainly for China or its neighboring countries.

Risk of Heart Attack using Ageless Male:

There are many medical documents available on the internet claiming these drugs make way creating heart-related diseases. And for some patients they end up getting the heart attack after taking these pills for several months. A recent study by National Cancer Institute says that senior citizens who took testosterone tablets for three months have the higher rate of heart attacks than the one who did not use it in their life. The first question doctors ask when you go for heart-related treatment is about your testosterone pills. Since these medications available without a prescription, most of them avoid telling doctors about their usage of testosterone pills.

New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) and the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) jointly the studied side effects and found even young people got affected by several cardiac problems after taking these pills.

Some studies also claiming regular usage of these supplements may cause a cerebrovascular accident or CVA. Those people have more chance to get affected by stroke. Some individuals who used these on regular basis undergone emergency artery-clearing procedures. Some people get hit by mini stroke medically called as transient ischemic attacks or TIA. These mini stocks happen because of a clot on blood vessels going to their brain. Mini stroke freezes your brain for a particular time and during that you feel unconscious. People who got affected by mini-stoke go on to have a full stroke within a period of one year, and people have a history of testosterone consumption has a bit higher risk.
The reason behind men getting a stroke for taking pills like the ageless male is, it makes the blood cells increase its size. Once blood cell size got increased it made them hard to travel in your veins, the veins present on our brain is fragile and sensitive, these bigger blood cells get clot on blood veins, and thus it creates the stroke.

Risk of Prostate Cancer using Ageless Male:

Ageless male supplement side effects not only limited to heart-related issues but also prostate related issues. A prostate is a gland present only in the male reproductive system under the urinary bladder. Walnut sized gland is responsible producing semen and helps in the free flow of it. There are lots of glands present in the prostate. The primary use of prostate gland is it is the one stops urine urgency, people affected by prostate cancer can’t control their urine urgency.
Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in US and it is said to be one of the leading cause of cancer-related deaths. Prostate cancer mostly occurs in old men, and recent studies say that even young men at the age of 45+ have a high risk of prostate cancer.

The main reason for having prostate cancer is due to increase in testosterone levels. Each body has its natural testosterone capacity, while you try to improve that by the un-natural way it create issues. As you already know testosterone directly related to improving your sexual organs, it creates issues for the same. Researchers from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard concludes that, people who artificially increase their testosterone have a huge risk of getting prostate cancer.

Another Harward study reveals most of the people who took testosterone boosters for improving sexual dysfunction or rejuvenation got treated with prostate cancer. The study also says these drugs are not the only reason for getting prostate cancer, but the risk percentage is very high. While diagnosing prostate cancer, the patient with the history of consuming ageless male pills or any other testosterone-boosting pills should be treated differently. The worst part is, prostate cancer occurs only in old age and people would have taken these ageless pills in their youths, and they forgot about it. So, it becomes mandatory for the doctors to check their testosterone levels before diagnosing patients with prostate cancer.

Other Important Side Effects Of New Vitality Ageless Male:

Side effects not only limited to heart-related diseases and prostate issues. Most of the people get affected by sleep apnea and hormonal problems.

Ageless Male and Sleep Apnea:

Most of the people suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). OSA means lack of air flow while breathing due to blockage of the nasal route. This results in minimum oxygen supply to our body. Due to the limited supply of oxygen, some of the body parts stop working properly. If you wake up in the morning, and suddenly you feel your hand or leg seems paralyzed for some time, it is because of these cheap booster pills.

Hormonal Side Effects of Sleep Apnea:

Continuous usage of these medications results in hormone imbalance. Due to hormone imbalance, male sexual organs get affected. Also, male breast becomes big as females have, there will be a massive loss of hair fall; always your skin look oily, and you start becoming dark.

Major Severity Symptoms of Ageless Male:

Body Pain
Swelling in the arm or leg
breast pain
Breathing issues
Blurred vision
Bleeding gums
Change in taste
Eyesight issues
Fear or nervousness
Feeling sad or empty

Kindly report your doctor if you undergo any of these side effects. These side effects not only for Ageless Male pills used or using customers, but also for all using testosterone boosters.

If you are having continuous body pain, consult a doctor as soon as possible. The main practical issue for most of the people are. 80% of the people who take booster pills go to Gym or do exercise to improve their muscle etc., Once they feel the pain they think it was due to the exercise they were doing. Or they take somebody painkillers to avoid the body pain. Can’t blame them, this is what everyone does including me. But from now on be conscious.
Redness is also said to be significant symptoms. Suddenly you find part of your skin becomes red. And you find almost no reason for that. It is due to hormonal changes which happening in your body. Your skin or tissues were unable to accommodate to the new hormonal change. Thus, it is becoming red color.

Sudden swelling in your legs or hands. Swilling is not normal; swelling happens only when you got hit badly. But if you have to swell particularly on your hand or foot then you have something to worry about. Run to the doctor at the earliest.
Most common Symptom is troubled breathing. If you are a smoker, you will suffer a lot. It is because these pills, make your nose pipe get thicker. So, the airflow becomes fragile. If you have long breathing problem, then there is a huge change your brain get affected too.

Another primary symptom is blurred vision. Due to hormonal change and change in blood thickness as I said above. Your eye gets the lack of blood flow. The eye muscles strain a lot, due to that your will have blurred vision also you feel pain on your eyes.

A headache is the common problem of ageless male side effects. Some people get a one-sided headache, and some get pain on their whole head. For some people, headache happens only on particular time morning after waking up from bed or in the evening. Stress also result in a headache, confirmed people who got a headache also vomit heavily.

Irritation in your mouth or gum is also a symptom. Sometimes you get swelling on gum. Some people get bleeding on their gum. Bleeding happens when you brush your teeth or when you eat something hard.
And you can’t taste the food you love. There will be a significant change of taste. You may be unable to consume spicy foods, or it tastes spicier for you which make you drink more water.

These are some of the side effects observed by Ageless male users:

One regular user who is also a trainer in a countryside gym: Uren urgency and need to urinate a lot more than usual. In a day he uses to urinate 17 to 25 times, but your urinary bladder not full, which causes disturbed sleep. While traveling in the local train for 1.25hr travell. He used to pee just a few minutes before starting and avoid water or liquid foods while on that journey. Which made his life miserable. He avoided taking medications for the urine issue for a couple of months, thought it would become normal after winter, and he thought it is more of a phycological problem as I am feeling to urinate not my body doing that. Then one day, he noticed blood coming out of his urine. Finally, he consulted a doctor and found out this issue is due to testosterone pill he used for almost three years. After two years of not using any booster pills, he is healthy now and traveling in local train without any fear of urination.

Another user of ageless male tells. Suddenly he faces rashes, redness, burning, itching and swelling of his skin all over his body. First, he thought it is due to allergy happened due to his international travel he went to. After days his redness and swelling become visible to others and whoever meet him asks about his skin. After consulting a doctor he found, it is due to that pill. And he was shocked to see the pills he was taking for years is not approved my FDA. But he was told while buying; FDA approved it.

One of my best friend working in a car design company said. He decided to go for the ageless male. After seeing some fancy advertisement on Facebook. He searched for reviews on YouTube and got impressed by the amount of review stories he watched, after looking at a certain number of ageless male review videos he comes across a video and found the person appears in that video is the same one he watched before. He was curious and looked at both the video and discovered in both the video he reviews ageless male pill but with different expertise. In one video he said he used it just for a week and in another video, he said he was using it for 20 years! WTF!!!. After digging deep into this he found, he is a video presenter working for money. And his job was just to read the script we give him to read. Once again WTF!!!! After digging more, he found that it is a fly by night company and the products of new vitality has tons of bad reviews and some people even sued that company.

One of my best mate who is just 21 years old shared his honest review about the ageless male. He used it for about one year; slowly he gets depression and emotional problems. He sees a sudden change in mood swing, nervousness, anxiety, crying and paranoia. He recalls on those days he emotionally over reacts to simple things. Searching for mobile charger leads to frustration and fear of what will happen if my mobile switch off without the battery? He calls up his friends and asks them to bring mobile charger as soon as possible as if it is something emergency. His friends see a drastic change in his attitude and always secures low mark in his exams. Once he decided to quit his studies and go for the job.
Finally, his father took the step of bringing him to the hospital and now he is 24 years old and working for a real estate company.

I have written my personal experience with Ageless Male Side Effects. While writing this article, I also asked some of my friends and people are known to them about the side effects of the ageless male. All the points above are my personal review, kindly consult your doctor or the actual manufacturer for broad details. I have no way related to any testosterone booster pills. And most importantly this article is not written in commercial intent.
There are a lot of good stuff available in the market, and there are a lot of bad ones. Choosing a good testosterone booster is on your hand. Then going online for finding best pills, ask your friends or your physical trainers. And never hesitate to talk with your doctor about the pills you are going to take. What you eat is what you will become. If you eat junk food, you will become junk sooner or later. If you eat chemical based boosters to boost your body, one day or other, you need to pay the price for the side effects you gonna face.

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Spend more time choosing your food and live a healthy life♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥